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Ruling Clarifies Rules Regarding Equestrian Supplies and Sales Tax

January 12, 2016 Business & Tax Blog Sales Tax

The Florida Department of Revenue recently issued a Technical Assistance Advisement (“TAA”) clarifying the applicability of sales tax to certain equestrian supplies. The TAA explains that the sale of veterinary drugs, substances, or preparations that are required by federal or state law to be dispensed only by prescription are exempt from sales tax under the general prescription medicine exemption. Non-prescription substances or preparations are taxable. Feed for livestock, which includes all animals of the equine class (including racehorses), is also exempt from sales tax. Exempt feed includes equine joint supplements. Sales of equine insect and fly repellant are exempt as sales of pesticides used directly on livestock. Finally, sales of insect or fly masks and fly sheets are taxable.

Michael J. Wilson