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July 20, 1932 – August 23, 2017

Monte Marshall was an outstanding estate planning and tax attorney who practiced law at Williams Parker from the early 1960s until he retired from the firm in 1997.

Monte was first and foremost an excellent lawyer. Recognized by the Florida Bar as one of the first board certified tax attorneys in the state of Florida, Monte was admitted to this elite group based solely on his superior reputation in the field. All of us benefited from his intellect and thorough knowledge of the law.

Monte was a great teacher. His legal analysis instructed firm attorneys, local IRS agents, trust officers, and fellow members of the bar, all of whom relied on his expert and practical advice.

Monte was a great counselor and advocate. He spent the time to get to know his clients and their concerns, bringing his advice and counsel to solving their legal problems in an accurate and practical way. He loved a good conversation and could often be found showing his clients to the front porch after a meeting, still talking animatedly about a subject of mutual interest. He was humble, courteous, and uniformly kind to others, without regard to status or position.

Monte was a great partner. Loyal, intelligent, and utterly reliable, Monte helped set the standard for the forthright conduct and strict adherence to the lawyer’s code of professional responsibility that remain with the firm today. When he spoke on firm matters, everyone listened.

Monte retired from the firm after a long and successful career to enjoy more time with his family, especially his wife of 60 years, Anne. He was a father who taught his sons to be gentlemen, a grandfather who was really a child at heart, and a man who could do things—sail a boat, fly a plane, fix a toy, build a campfire, and prepare a gourmet meal.

Monte set the example for what a lawyer should be, for which we remember him with affection, respect, and gratitude.

To read more about his life and accomplishments, view his obituary as published in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.