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Real Estate Attorneys Sarasota, FL

Williams Parker’s team of Sarasota-based real estate lawyers include board-certified real estate law specialists, commercial, residential, and transactional real estate attorneys, and litigators. We help buyers and sellers navigate complex real estate transactions. We protect our clients’ interests, expedite real estate contract negotiations and real estate closings, communicate with lenders, and help finalize title insurance. Williams Parker real estate attorneys work together as a team to provide clients with expert guidance in all aspects of residential real estate law and commercial real estate law. 

Whether yours is a residential purchase, investment acquisition, or intricate commercial project, at Williams Parker we recognize that real estate transactions are of paramount importance when your capital and reputation are on the line. With Williams Parker real estate attorneys on your team, you are never alone or left to fend for yourself in an always-dynamic real estate environment. As markets and transactions evolve, we stay up-to-date and ready to guide you toward the strongest negotiating hand.

Our firm was founded in the Roaring Twenties at the height of the Great Florida Land Boom. As others stumbled, Williams Parker successfully navigated the Great Depression, the post-WWII boom years, the expansive prosperity that accompanied the development of the U.S. Interstate Highway system, and Florida’s current, rapid growth. The skyline of our region was written—legally speaking—by our firm. Wherever real estate expansion has occurred, Williams Parker has been the guiding hand.

No other firm has our experience in financing, taxation, contracting, land use, planned development, condominiums, and waterfront complexities. No other firm has our deep connections to top real estate professionals, buyers, sellers, developers, and investors.

We care about everyone who comes in our door, no matter the size of the transaction. That’s how Williams Parker achieved 97 years of stability, 97 years of experience, and 97 years of the best reputation. At Williams Parker, our history speaks for itself.