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Ally Law London Firm Wins Article 50 Brexit Challenge

November 10, 2016 Business & Tax Blog International Business

Williams Parker has international reach as the Florida member of Ally law – one of the world’s leading law firm networks. Our companion firm in London, Edwin Coe, represented the winning claimant, Dier Dos Santos, in the high-profile litigation in the U.K. challenging Article 50 and the Brexit vote. The High Court of Justice ruled that based on a 300-year-old law, the U.K. government does not have the constitutional capacity to trigger U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union without a Parliamentary vote. More information on the ruling and its consequences can be found here.

Williams Parker regularly works with Ally Law attorneys to make sure our clients receive the legal support they need wherever in the world they might operate or have investments. Ally Law includes over 1,300 lawyers in 41 countries. More information on Ally Law can be found on our website.

Michael J. Wilson