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Some Tax-Motivated Couples Don’t Marry Under the Law, Even If They Are Bound In Their Hearts

June 29, 2015 Capital Gain Transactions

The Supreme Court’s decision authorizing nationwide same-sex marriage further extends marital rights. But some extraordinarily-tax-motivated same-sex couples may make the same choice that some opposite-sex couples have made for years, to avoid marriage to take advantage of tax planning opportunities married couples cannot. Marriage brings with it many tax benefits,…

Real Estate Investor Forced to Recognize Ordinary Business Income Instead of Capital Gain, Despite Holding Property Without Physical Improvement For Over a Decade

June 1, 2015 Capital Gain Transactions

Sometimes it’s what you say, not what you do, that matters. A taxpayer learned that the hard way in a recent United States Tax Court decision. There are numerous court decisions in which a taxpayer acquired property, incurred “soft costs” to entitle the property for future development, and then recognized capital gain…

Can Developers Recognize Long-Term Capital Gain By Selling Land They Don’t Own? Maybe, at Least in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama

January 7, 2015 Capital Gain Transactions

Reversing the US Tax Court, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently held that a real estate developer recognized long-term capital gain when he sold contractual purchase rights in real estate, even though the developer previously intended to develop and resell the underlying real estate as condominiums. The…