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Department of Revenue Publishes Guidance on New Sales and Use Tax Exemptions

July 27, 2017 Business & Tax Blog Sales Tax

The Florida Department of Revenue recently issued a Tax Information Publication (TIP No. 17A01-08) offering guidance on the new sales and use tax exemption for animal and aquaculture health products that came into effect on July 1, 2017. Under the new exemption, animal health products administered to, applied to, or consumed by livestock or poultry to alleviate pain or cure or prevent sickness, disease, or suffering are exempt from sales tax. In addition, aquaculture health products that are used by aquaculture producers to prevent fungi, bacteria, and parasitic diseases in the production of aquaculture products are also exempt from sales tax. To be eligible for these exemptions, the purchaser must furnish the seller with an exemption certificate stating that the purchased item is exclusively for an exempted use. The TIP provides details on the contents of the exemption certificate.

Michael J. Wilson