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Shareholder Lauded for ‘Greater Good’

November 9, 2015

Dan Bailey was recently named the overall winner in the legal category of Biz(941)’s Greater Good Awards 2015.

Biz(941) reported that the call for entries yielded over 250 nominees for the inaugural year of the awards program. Judges considered each nominee’s respective, comprehensive body of work – volunteer hours, donations, community contribution, and more – when evaluating finalists and overall winners for the 11 categories in the awards program.

Celebrating his 40th year with Williams Parker, Bailey has been a long-time supporter of community initiatives and efforts to improve and enhance Sarasota, more notably known for helping to form the Sarasota Military Academy and the Education Foundation. Additionally, Dan Bailey received national media coverage for helping develop the “Pledge of Public Conduct,” which led to the formation of Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence (SCOPE).

“My father taught me that if there’s a need for something to be done, be willing to do it,” commented Bailey in his Biz(941) interview. A sentiment that many would say is essential to Bailey’s overall character.

“It was no surprise to us when Dan [Bailey] was initially nominated for, and later received, the top award for the Greater Good’s Legal category,” stated Ric Gregoria, the firm’s president. “Every day he lives our principles of community service. Our team places a high value on civic engagement–-we are pleased that Dan is being recognized for his contributions to Sarasota.”