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Nationwide Stays of CMS, OSHA Vaccine Mandates Dissolved, Some New Deadlines Loom for Florida Employers

December 20, 2021 Labor & Employment Blog

As some may have heard, last week the appellate courts dissolved the nationwide injunctions preventing the OSHA and CMS vaccine mandate regulations from going into effect. So, what does that mean for Florida employers? (Please note that this article focuses on the status of the OSHA and CMS federal regulations…

Stop Horsin’ Around and Use a Waiver

April 4, 2021 Equine

Although frequently used, many horse owners and professionals remain unaware their liability waivers would not protect them from a lawsuit. Often horse persons and professionals treat waivers as a mere formality and remain unsure of their effectiveness. Since not all waivers are useful, you may be wondering whether your program…