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2019 Florida Annual Uniform Business Reports

February 4, 2019 Business & Tax Blog Limited Liability Companies

The deadline to file a 2019 Florida Annual Uniform Business Report for your Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Limited Partnership to maintain its active status with the State of Florida is May 1, 2019.

In the coming days, you should receive an official email from the Florida Secretary of State reminding you to go online and file your entity’s annual report at

Unfortunately, this year there are also a number of private companies that are sending official-looking letters and emails to entities in an effort to mislead people into believing that they are filing their entity’s annual report with the Florida Secretary of State. These companies are not affiliated with the Florida Secretary of State and in some cases are charging $100 or more above the fees charged if you go directly to to file your entity’s annual report.

Among the misleading letters and emails to be on the lookout for and disregard are a letter from Workplace Compliance Services titled “2019-Annual Report Instruction Form” and an email from Florida Business Filings Co. titled “2019-Annual Report Reminder.”

If you have specific questions regarding filing your annual report, you can speak to someone with the Florida Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations by calling 850-245-6000 or visit their website for answers to a number of commonly asked questions.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in filing your entity’s annual report.

James-Allen McPheeters