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So What Does the Trustee do Anyway?

January 3, 2005 Trusts & Estates

When creating an estate plan or providing for another during life, one often considers creating a Trust. Trusts can be drafted for many different reasons and with various types of beneficiaries and Trustees. An important question to discuss with your legal advisor is who should act as Trustee. Many financial…

Total Return Trusts

March 1, 2004 Trusts & Estates

Should there be a Total Return Trust in your future? Trusts as we know them have been around for a long time. Trusts were developed in England in the 1500s to provide a way of managing what was the only form of wealth in those days, land. Land was treated…

What Makes a Good Contract?

October 1, 2002 Trusts & Estates

Many clients have misconceptions about the preparation of contracts. Some believe that all a lawyer does to prepare a contract is to insert the names of the parties, push a button, and print out the contract. Others believe it is less expensive if the attorney for the other side prepares…

Keeping Your Estate Planning Up to Date

October 1, 2002 Trusts & Estates

You never know when you are going to need that estate plan. The following is a general guide to reviewing and updating your estate plan. The frequency of following this guide will vary from client to client, but we suggest that you contact us at least once every two years…