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Insights 199A

Final Section 199A Regulations Provide Little Guidance for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities

February 13, 2019 199A

The final Section 199A regulations, which were promulgated on January 18, 2019, make several clarifications to the rules regarding specified service trades or businesses (“SSTB”). Over certain taxable income thresholds, SSTBs are not eligible for the Section 199A deduction. The performance of services in the field of health is an…

The Final Section 199A Regulations Eliminate the “80 Percent Cliff” for Property or Services Provided to a Commonly-Controlled SSTB

February 7, 2019 199A

We previously blogged about the final Section 199A regulations confirming “cliff” treatment for the de minimis aggregation rule. However, the final regulations did delete a different cliff in the rules designed to defeat the so-called “crack and pack” strategy of segregating various activities of a specified service trade or business…

Final Section 199A Regulations Confirm Controversial “Cliff” Treatment in De Minimis Aggregation Rule but There Is a Parachute

February 6, 2019 199A

The proposed Section 199A regulations provide a de minimis rule for trades or businesses with small amounts of gross receipts attributable to a specified service trade or business (“SSTB”). Specifically, the proposed regulations provide that if a non-SSTB has some relatively small elements that are SSTB services, then the SSTB…