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Enforcement of Health Care Mandatory Vaccination Requirement Halted

December 1, 2021 Labor & Employment Labor & Employment Blog

Late on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, a federal district court issued an order halting Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s (“CMS”) regulations that would require all covered staff to be vaccinated by December 5, 2021. At the moment, this order applies throughout the nation, including in Florida. This this order may later be rescinded by an appellate court—we will let you know as there are more developments. But again, for the time being, the CMS regulations appear to be halted.

Now both the CMS and the OSHA EST standards are on hold. Thus, if employers have vaccination policies, at the moment, they should ensure that such policies are in compliance with Florida’s new vaccination law.

For details about the Florida Legislation bills, read the Williams Parker article written on November 19, 2021: Florida Enacts Vaccine Mandate Legislation Affecting Employers

We also recommend reading the Sarasota Herald Tribune article written on November 20, 2021: New Florida Laws Could Put Companies in Difficult Position if Federal Vaccine Mandates Hold.