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With Republican Election Gains, 2014 Tax Extenders Legislation Could Boost Capital Expenditures, Business Merger and Acquisition Activity

November 5, 2014 Business & Tax Blog Legislation

In April we wrote about the pending Tax Extenders legislation, the passage of which is necessary to revive temporary tax relief provisions for the 2014 tax year and for future tax years. The bill prominently features tax breaks that support capital expenditures and business merger and acquisition activity, as well as breaks for some individuals.

The Tax Extenders bills had been sidelined until this month’s election. With the election over and the Republicans taking control of Congress, Congress may take up the Tax Extenders package before the end of the year. If passed, the Tax Extenders legislation may have retroactive effect to the beginning of 2014. If you are affected by the Tax Extenders legislation, whether because you are planning for capital expenditures, you are considering a business sale, or otherwise, monitor the legislation closely so you can take action during 2014 if the legislation passes.

Here is a link to our prior discussion of the Tax Extenders legislation:

E. John Wagner, II