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Thirty-Two Williams Parker Attorneys Named to SRQ Top Attorneys

September 1, 2020

Williams Parker is pleased to announce that 32 of its attorneys have been named 2020 SRQ Elite Top Attorneys.

SRQ Magazine partnered with a national research firm to produce the SRQ Elite Top Attorneys program. Licensed legal professionals in the Sarasota region were invited to nominate their peers—those individuals they hold in the highest regard—in a variety of legal specialties.

The following attorneys were named:

Charles (Charlie) D. Bailey, III (Land Use Environment)

Charles (Dan) D. Bailey, Jr. (Land Use Environment)

Steven D. Brownlee (Health Care Law)

Zachary B. Buffington (Business Law)

Colton F. Castro (Rising Stars)

Nicole F. Christie (Rising Stars)

Peter T. Currin (Real Estate)

Douglas J. Elmore (Wills)

Gail E. Farb (Labor And Employment)

Jennifer Fowler-Hermes (Labor And Employment)

Rose-Anne B. Frano (Wills)

Ric Gregoria (Wills)

Michele B. Grimes (Banking And Financial)

M. Lewis Hall (Commercial Litigation)

William T. Harrison (Legacy)

Susan B. Hecker (Attorneys For Non Profits)

Thomas B. Luzier (Real Estate)

Elizabeth C. Marshall (Attorneys For Non Profits)

Thomas J. McLaughlin (Tax Law)

James-Allen McPheeters (Business Law)

John L. Moore (Health Care Law)

Bonnie L. Polk (Civil Law Litigation)

Patrick W. Ryskamp (Real Estate)

Mark A. Schwartz (Civil Law Litigation)

William M. Seider (Legacy)

Alyssa L. Shook (Rising Stars)

Elizabeth M. Stamoulis (Intellectual Property Rights)

Jeffrey T. Troiano (Wills)

James L. Turner (Real Estate)

E. John Wagner, II (Tax Law)

Kimberly P. Walker (Labor And Employment)

Michael J. Wilson (Business Law)