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Insights Land Use

Consensus Amendment

April 18, 2008 Land Use

On May 6, 2008, Sarasota County electors will cast votes in a special election featuring two referenda. The first issue involves a charter amendment that would require unanimous county commission approval for future comprehensive plan amendments affecting lands outside the so-called “urban service boundary.” The second proposal, which is not…

Alert to Sarasota Real Estate Brokers

January 3, 2005 Land Use

The City of Sarasota zoning code says that if two lots, or portions of lots, having continuous frontage (i.e., street frontage) are conveyed to the same person (after January 10, 1974) and one or both of the parcels is non-conforming in respect to lot width or area, they will thereafter be treated as a single parcel. The consequence is that when…