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Required Action for Healthcare Providers Receiving Relief

April 17, 2020 Business & Tax Blog Healthcare

Healthcare providers should note that HHS has deposited funds in many of your bank accounts. The funds are from two programs, the CMS Accelerated and Advance Program and the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund. The CMS Accelerated and Advance Program is a loan against future payments from government healthcare programs and must be repaid (likely from reductions in future payments). The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund is a grant program, but in order to retain the money you have received providers must sign and deliver an attestation within 30 days following receipt of the funds. The clock has already started to run. There has been much confusion about the CARES Act payment because the certification required that the provider be involved in the treatment or diagnosis of potential COVID-19 patients. CMS has clarified, however, that any patient is a potential COVID-19 patient. The newly published HHS Cares Act data page where you can access the required attestation and instructions and learn more about this important update.