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“One-Stop” Online Portal for Workers to Submit Complaints about their Employers?

November 18, 2016 Discrimination Labor & Employment Blog

For years, employers have been required to post notices providing employees with information about their rights and the government agencies that can assist them if they believe that their rights have been violated. Now, the Department of Labor, along with the Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the National Labor Relations Board, is developing a website,, that will be a “one-stop” platform for employees to electronically submit complaints with the appropriate government agencies. The website will help workers understand and exercise their rights and will operate as a portal that predicts workers’ needs without forcing them to guess which federal agency or statute covers their situation.

The website is currently under development. At this time, the site merely provides guidance to specific types of employees (day laborers and office, nail salon, restaurant, and construction workers) regarding their rights and how to file complaints. Through a series of questions, the website directs employees to the appropriate government agency responsible for dealing with the specific complaint.

Jennifer Fowler-Hermes