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Restrictions on Vaping and Texting Go Into Effect: Today is Gonna be the Day That the Florida Legislature Is Gonna Throw It Back to Employers*

July 1, 2019 Employment Law

By now you should’ve somehow realized that today (July 1, 2019) the amendment to the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, which implements the 2018 constitutional amendment prohibiting vaping in the workplace, goes into effect. Hopefully, businesses and employers realize what they have gotta do now that the use of e-cigarettes in…

Avoiding Errors in the Match Game: Responding to the Rising Number of “No-Match” Letters

May 28, 2019 Employment Law

Starting late last year and continuing on the heels of tax season, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has been sending employers Employer Correction Request Notices, also known as EDCOR notices or “no-match” letters. An example “no-match” letter is available at the SSA’s website. These “no-match” letters notify an employer that…